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Guelph Real Estate

Guelph real estate represents a hotbed of potential – potential to not only find incredible properties to buy and rent, but also to gain financially when you want to sell or invest in high-demand real estate.

Look for Residential and Commercial Property in GuelphThis is because Guelph enjoys a reputation for an incredible standard of living as well as a low unemployment rate and low crime rate. As a result, thousands flock to Guelph each year, giving you ample opportunity to find the residential and commercial properties of your dreams.

Let CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC. be your trusted guide for Guelph real estate. Find places to buy or rent. Scout out locations you can invest in – and get expert guidance when you go to sell. Guelph is a great place to live – and CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC. is a great place to start!


Residential Opportunities to Buy and Sell with Guelph Real Estate

As mentioned, Guelph is a hot commodity when it comes to places to live in Ontario.

Guelph is consistently ranked at or near the top of the list of cities with high standards of living in not just Ontario, but Canada as well. A low crime rate and low unemployment rate – one of the lowest unemployment rates in all of Canada during the 2008-2011 recession – combine to attract new visitors and residents by the thousands. Population growth surged by 8.3% from 2001 to 2006 and 5.9% from 2006 to 2011.

Residential opportunities in Guelph abound and are scattered liberally across the various areas in the city. The University area features a youthful population with plenty of chances to rent or buy. Downtown Guelph features places like Exhibition Park, Sunny Acres Park, and St. Georges Park. Other neighbourhoods and areas include The Ward, the South-End (a vibrant commercial area as well), and the East End.

When you go to buy or sell real estate, it’s crucial that you have a real estate professional by your side to navigate a quickly-moving market. Let CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC. help you buy and sell Guelph real estate with confidence and success.


Rent or Invest in Guelph Real Estate

High demand, coupled with the presence of strong industrial and commercial employment plus one of Canada’s leading universities in the University of Guelph, makes Guelph a prime candidate for those who wish to rent or invest in properties to rent or operate.

Commercial properties in particular are plentiful.  Finding a premier location is the key to success in the commercial realm, and CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC. can help you find the ideal location for your next enterprise – whether you want to operate a business or merely rent a property out to businesses.

Navigate Guelph real estate confidently.  Use the pros at CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC. to take full advantage – today!

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