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Hamilton Real Estate

Hamilton, the steel capital of the country, has a population of nearly 520,000 people, with a metropolitan area population of over 721,000—making Hamilton the 9th largest city in the country and the 3rd largest in Ontario. As a result, Hamilton real estate is always in high demand – and you can benefit from the plethora of commercial and residential opportunities available to you.

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Buy or Rent Commercial or Residential Properties

Properties in HamiltonHamilton real estate is a hot commodity in Ontario, with many people looking to buy or rent both commercial and residential properties throughout the city. If you are looking for a vibrant city with plenty to do for the entire family, then buy or rent in Hamilton. From museums and a drive-through African Lion Safari to a plethora of other family-friendly attractions, Hamilton real estate is perfect for families of all shapes and sizes.

Along with residential properties, Hamilton real estate includes a wide variety of commercial real estate for those looking to buy or rent for their business. Although the area is best known for manufacturing, the city’s population lends itself to just about any industry, allowing you to buy or rent commercial real estate in the area with confidence.

If you are looking to buy or rent either residential or commercial real estate in Hamilton, call upon CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC.—rely on the local real estate experts for all of your Hamilton real estate needs.

Sell or Invest: Commercial and Residential Properties

If you are looking to sell or invest in commercial or residential Hamilton real estate, then you have come to the right place. CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC. has everything you need to market your property with local expertise.

Residential and Commerical Real Estate in HamiltonThe population in the Hamilton census metropolitan area grew 4.3% from 2001 to 2006, with a 7.7% increase in those born outside Canada. In fact, over 20% of the city’s population includes individuals who were not born in Canada. Therefore, if you are looking to sell or invest in the area this information can help you successfully market your residential or commercial property to consumers.

With manufacturing being the sector providing the most economic activity throughout the Ontario area, two of the biggest employers in Hamilton include Stelco and Dofasco, which produces approximately 60% of the steel throughout the entire country. As a result, the city’s economy creates a lot of investment opportunities in terms of commercial and industrial products and services. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities for individuals to sell and invest in Hamilton real estate.

For those looking to buy, rent, sell, or invest in Hamilton real estate, allow the experts at CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC. to help you navigate the Hamilton real estate waters.

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