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Learn About Real Estate in Oakville, Ontario and Find the Homes and Condominiums You Want

CENTURY 21 Dreams Inc. | Sunday Dec 15th 2013

One of the most popular destinations for those looking to move to Ontario is Oakville. A city of about 182,000, Oakville is in a prime location, being only 40 kilometers from downtown Toronto. Oakville is also in the Golden Horseshoe, a densely-populated center of culture and commerce that is the largest metropolitan area in the country.

Needless to say, those looking for prime real estate in Oakville, Ontario are definitely on the right track to stellar homes and condominiums that fit for all walks of life.

If you want to find condominiums and homes in Oakville, here is the information you need to know to get started.


Oakville Demographics

As of 2011, Oakville had 182,520 residents. This figure grew by 10.2% from 2006, making Oakville one of the fastest-growing cities in Ontario. Oakville is also quite young; 28.1% of the population is below the age of 19 (Canada’s average is 24.4%).

The median household income is $83,982; the average house value is $306,209. Ontario’s average for both statistics is $71,540 (as of 2010) and $342,590.

What we can glean from these demographics in relation to real estate in Oakville, Ontario is this:

  • A young population means more opportunities to buy, sell, rent, and invest in homes and condominiums to satisfy increasing demand as young residents grow up and purchase homes in the near future
  • A growing population insures a steady supply of demand as natural growth and residents relocating to Oakville need homes
  • Above-average household income means that residents can afford more-expensive homes and condominiums, which increases the potential value of a home in the future
  • A below-average house value compared to the province as a whole means real estate in Oakville, Ontario is undervalued and ripe for timely purchases

As a result, real estate in Oakville, Ontario is quite attractive for buyers, sellers, and investors alike.



Using Real Estate Listings

Oakville is a prime destination for real estate. You can find this real estate by taking advantage of property listings for the city and surrounding areas.

There are two general ways to find these listings. You can go online to real estate directories, or you can go through a REALTOR®.  Directories can be very useful, but many of them require a subscription to be truly beneficial. Plus, they provide little insight into the actual market – just the property itself.

Working with a REALTOR®, by contrast, often gives you access to directories and valuable insight into the local market, including current market conditions and trends that are pertinent to your search.

Plus, they can help pinpoint real estate in Oakville, Ontario based on your preferences.

Talk to a REALTOR® today to begin your search with confidence.


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