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The Real Estate License Process

Creating a career in Real Estate can be as lucrative as it is rewarding.  At CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC., the foremost provider of proven Real Estate services in Canada, we believe in teaching aspiring REALTORS® how to become a REALTOR® - and how to jumpstart a career in Real Estate that delivers.

You should pursue a career in real estate if you enjoy any of the following:

  • Interacting with individuals and families from all walks of life

  • Engaging in a fast-paced business environment

  • Having the freedom to pave your own way and grow your career

  • Flexibility and variety, where no two days are the same

  • Helping people realize the Dream of property ownership

If that sounds like you, CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC. can help – and it all starts with your real estate license.



How to Become a REALTOR® with a Real Estate License

Becoming a REALTOR® in Canada can be a challenging yet rewarding career for those who enjoy the rush of successfully closing a deal and handing a new homeowner the keys to a new home.

A Real Estate license gives you the ability to start a career in real estate and is the stepping stone to a successful career in real estate.  Earning your license means meeting certain requirements as required by Canadian law, such as being at least 18 years of age, having a good record of financial responsibility and conduct, and other applicable standards.





Licensed REALTORS® at CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC. work in several areas within real estate, such as:

Obtaining your real estate license means you are a qualified professional ready to begin a career in real estate to last you the rest of your life.


Learning How to Become a REALTOR® with Real Estate Courses

It also means learning the ins and outs of the profession, which you can achieve by taking approved real estate courses.

Real estate courses teach you the essential knowledge you need not only to succeed, but also to thrive.  As a part of the educational process, you will learn:

  • Consumer buying habits and marketing methods

  • An overview of how the real estate industry works and the skills you’ll need

  • The role of economics and demographics in a real estate market

  • How to appraise a property

  • A detailed overview of the transaction process, from the listing to the final sale

Other material covered by real estate courses will give you a full, well-rounded beginning to a career in real estate.

Obtain your real estate license – and forge dreams with CENTURY 21 DREAMS INC. today!

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