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Three Crucial Tips to Buy, Sell, Rent and Invest in Oakville Real Estate

CENTURY 21 Dreams Inc. | Thursday Nov 14th 2013

Oakville, Ontario is a rapidly-growing city in the Greater Toronto Area known for a thriving cultural scene heavy with arts and festivals. Those looking for a great place to live and a place to buy real estate or rent real estate would be hard pressed to find a better place than Oakville.

Those who want to sell real estate or invest real estate can also find a welcoming market in Oakville real estate. For residential or business purposes, Oakville is a fertile market in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area.

Here are three crucial tips for those who want to buy, sell, rent, and invest in Oakville real estate.

Tip #1: Know the City

Tips to Buy, Sell, Rent and Invest in Oakville Real EstateThe first thing anyone interested in Oakville real estate should do is learn as much about the city as possible. All cities are different; as such, markets differ significantly and must be examined thoroughly.

Oakville’s population is just over 182,000 and grew at an annual compound rate of 2.35% from 2001 to 2011. That is a remarkable figure which represents plenty of opportunities for those wishing to sell property or invest in properties that incoming residents can rent.

The population of Oakville is also younger than the average Canadian population, which means there will be a strong market for those who want to buy homes for the foreseeable future. This also creates opportunities for those who want to invest in homes, then sell them when demand increases due to population growth.

Tip #2: All Real Estate is Hyper-Local

Oakville real estate, like that of any other city, is hyper-local. It’s not enough to know about the real estate market for the city as a whole. You have to drill down deeper to find market analysis and trends for areas within the city so you have a more-informed decision.

Oakville has 13 neighborhoods with varying characteristics. For example, one looking to buy or rent older homes can start a search in (appropriately-named) Old Oakville. West Oak Trails, by contrast, has newer homes that provide good opportunities for those looking to invest in fast-growing neighborhoods.

Study what is near each neighborhood – from recreational opportunities and amenities to places of employment – and pinpoint the neighborhood that best fits your needs.

Tip #3: Educate Yourself about Oakville Education

This tip does not always apply, but for Oakville it does – primarily because Oakville has one of the highest percentages of private schools to public schools in Canada.

What does this mean? Basically, homes in private school districts tend to cost more and attract higher-income residents than public school districts. If you are marketing your homes toward those with children, this is important to know. (And even a small tip can make a big difference.)

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